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1F., No.11, Huakang St., Bade City, Taoyuan County 334, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Anti-Trapping Device

When you are trapped in the lift or during an emergency,
the lift monitoring system will automatically notify the operator ensuring the occupant's safety.


1.Automatic Response System
This is a fully integrated monitoring and response system that will automatically notify the maintenance crews and lift operators during an emergency or in the case of malfunction.
2.Lift Monitoring
When the lift monitoring system detected any abnormal operation, lift door jamming, or personnel trapped inside the lift, the system will automatically notify the maintained and operators.
3.Full integrated System Allows Customized
The fully integrated system can be easily customized to accommodate multi-level individual operation requirements. The program allows the user to determine what data to be sent in the event of abnormal operation and the sequence